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Holistic Health Coaching that Transforms You through your personal
Express Yourself Freely by L I V I N G  LIFE, NOT JUST SURVIVING IT.






How I healed from within

Let me tell you what happened.

I’d stand in front of the mirror wondering who was looking back at me; 

I couldn't recognize myself.

I started to disconnect from what made me happy and passionate about life.

I struggled with my health because my symptoms were a mystery to doctors.

I was in a dark and lonely place.

My quality of life was non-existent.

I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to break away from it but I KNEW I was going to, and that mindset saved my life.

Finally I gained some answers, as the doctor in the long white coat stood in front of me and told me I had Chronic Lyme Disease.

Great, answers!

But then, she said, "You have about 8 years to live."

something had to change.

The first step on my healing journey was my commitment to myself. 

I knew I deserved more. I wanted more. I wanted to LIVE life, not just survive it.

I didn't feel like myself.

I have to admit, my journey was dark.

I was an Interior Designer at the time, my creativity felt shot, continuously shaky walking job sites, fumbling decor as I'd so carefully design my clients' homes.

The diagnosed "labels" from doctors: 

"chronic fatigue syndrome" (extreme sluggishness),

"fibromyalgia" (body pain), "IBS & celiac disease" (stomach pains, bloating, food allergies to over 20 foods), 

"anemia" (low energy/hot & cold), brain fog...

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Was this life?


I discovered holistic living. it saved my life!

   ✔️ I took myself off all antibiotics

   🖤 I threw them all away & swapped with supplements I created and concocted in my living room

   ✔️ I changed my diet

   🖤 I detoxed & revamped my entire kitchen & ate solely nutritious foods

   ✔️ I changed my thoughts & shifted my mindset

   🖤 I visualized my body, mind, and spirit healed. Meditated. Journaled.

   ✔️ I ditched the idea that I wasn't an athlete any longer

   🖤 I started simply moving.

        Walking. Yoga flowing. Deep breathing. Dancing


   ✔️ I looked in the mirror differently

   🖤 I started to believe in me again. I recommitted myself, to myself

   ✔️ I cancelled all upcoming doctors appointments 

   🖤 I learned through personal experience, science, holistic health,

        integrative mental health education & training,

        that the body is self healing with the proper methods and                             environment in place. 

      I applied EVERYTHING I knew & watched my body:

        detox NATURALLY

        transform NATURALLY

        lose weight NATURALLY

        reduce body pains NATURALLY

        and HEAL NATURALLY 

After taking total control, the Lyme disease tests came back negative and all the other initial diagnosed symptoms that were a result of THE ROOT CAUSE, disappeared.

Tell me the body is not self healing!?

Heather Photo_4.jpg

How I give my clients the ultimate wellness makeover

My clients come to me seeking radical transformation.

They have such a burning desire to rid diagnoses, gut issues, body image labeling, and mental overwhelm in order to overcome decision fatigue. I am able to determine which diet, workouts, and holistic methods they will benefit from most to transform their mental, emotional, and physical health.


I take each person and their unique health history seriously so that I can evaluate and determine what foods, exercise, and strategic approach will benefit them most. Medical and trauma history plays a significant role in any plan or suggestions that I map out. 


I designed my HHHH [4H] method so you don’t have to figure out how to heal on your own, because I had to. 

My health journey was miserable.
I had to feel my way around like I was crawling on a cold tile floor, in a pitch black room. 
It was scary.

I didn’t have a coach, a mentor, or someone to "hold my hand" throughout it all. Thankfully, I had myself and my faith.

I didn’t have the blueprint.

I did it alone.

But Luckily, You Don’t Have To! You have me.

Quotation Mark

She listens intently and was able to help me work through thoughts or doubts that were holding me back from doing the right thing for my health.
Her constructive and informative feedback allows me to feel empowered to make adjustments to feel better.  She helped me change my negative relationship with working out into a positive one. This was a very unexpected and pleasant shift for me as I always struggled with discipline. She understood what was holding me back and helped me dissolve those preconceived notions and expectations. I've seen so many overall benefits from a health and mental perspective. The discipline and information I've learned from her will continue to benefit and help me for a lifetime. 

JUNE W. | Texas

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