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Frequently asked questions

Hiiiee LOVELY!

I'm sure you have a couple questions for me so I tried to cover a handful here for you.

If you have any additional questions, pop on over to my contact page and shoot me a message.

  • What sets you apart from other practitioners/ health coaches?
    My clients tell me I listen intently to what they are saying and what they are feeling, realizing the medical report is not the end all be all. I ask the right questions to dig deep, and connect the dots to develop the best solution for them. I believe you are your very own best doctor, I'm here to help you reveal answers and allow you to start to heal yourself, instead of tell you what to do. You will not have the same plan as the next person. I dont reccomend the same meal plan or supplement regime for everyone; I use proven methods, lab testing, and focus on the person as a whole. I work with my client’s mindset and lifestyle because those are the two things that drive motivation and create the best results. Link to read more:
  • I’ve worked with nutritionists before and they’ve written me meal plans, or trainers that have written workouts, but I had trouble sticking with them. Is your plan easier?"
    My plans work. They are sustainable long term because I teach you how to incorporate realistic, bite size methods that feel right to you, not to me. Seeing results make EVERYTHING feel “easier” so my method has been developed to help you be compliant and actually enjoy the process of change. I cater to your mind + body. So if we need to work through mental blocks that I expect will affect your progress, we attend to that FIRST. Depending on what you need as an individual, I may provide meal planning, strategies specific to you, nutritional education, functional lab testing, supplement recommendations, mindset coaching, exercises that feel good to your body (and only yours) and help you create a healthy relationship with workouts and lifestyle habits.
  • How do you determine what diet is best for me and How do you feel about a keto diet?
    I definitely don’t believe in “dieting”. I believe in eating real, whole, fresh, delicious food. I determine your unique body type and then I suggest a meal plan that will meet your needs and goals. As far as keto, I feel it can be beneficial short term, mostly because it enforces removing gluten from your diet. I don’t particularly like that it allows for so much dairy. Dairy tends to affect the gut functionality and cause inflammation like bloating, food sensitivities, and bacterial imbalances. I always recommend balanced meals. Some specific meal plans are good for medical reasons to reduce inflammation and I find anti-inflammatory diets effective for 100% of my clients, no matter the goal, so I create all my food recommendations- custom or not, this way.
  • I notice you talk a lot about anti-inflammatory diets and eating gluten and dairy free. That sounds hard. How do your clients stick to it?
    They feel better within 2 weeks, once making the transition. While not everyone is allergic to gluten and dairy, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Wheat has been genetically modified to such an extreme degree that our guts are barely able to recognize foods containing wheat (which makes up 75% of gluten), causing more digestive issues than we can possibly manage, causing wear and tear, rips and holes in the digestive system. As for dairy, it’s so super mucus forming and inflammatory! Pumped full of toxins that are yucky; herbicides, hormones, pesticides. They both cause symptoms such as headaches, bloating, brain fog, and low energy. Pfft! Likely you’ve been eating both your entire life? Maybe that’s why you experience these issues along with weight gain, food cravings, skin breakouts, and inability to feel in control over your health.
  • What is your approach when it comes to weight loss?
    My clients experience weight loss as a positive “side effect” of giving their body what it NEEDS in order to HEAL. Healing allows weight to fall right off. Education + digging deep is also needed when creating meal plans and exercise that contribute to shedding fat to achieve weight loss. I teach my clients that it's equally important in understanding how lifestyle, mindset, genetics, and underlying health issues contribute as well. Then, I coach my clients through those factors! and there you have it love!
  • How do I know your method will work for me?
    Trust your gut! My clients tell me I am the person they come to when nothing else has worked for them and I was their last hope. You don’t know until you try! To build your confidence and make sure were a good fit for any of my 1:1 coaching, I offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation. My treat!
  • If we work 1:1 together, how often will we meet?"
    My crystal ball says….. wink wink So frequency will depend upon your goals + health status when we hit the ground in working together. It’s common to meet more at the beginning. It helps me get to know you, your habits, and body better. A little glimpse for you: Most of my clients see me 1x weekly for the first 6-8 weeks, then every other week, or less frequently moving forward. Ball is totally in their court. It all depends on how quickly the new lifestyle is adopted as I help them incorporate and execute it. We then make a plan for follow-up visits. The purpose of the follow-ups are to measure progress and make any necessary dietary and lifestyle adjustments as noticeable body changes will be occurring.
  • Where do you meet with your client? Do you see clients in my area?
    Virtually! Easy peasy!! I understand you all have busy lives, so I make our visits super simple + convenient. You can access me on your smartphone or computer! My clients are mapped all over the globe.
  • Do you take insurance?
    I dont like to be bound by insurance in order to run tests or help you. I get my clients results by doing the proper protcols and tests and treatment based upon my assessment. I will gladly provide you with an invoice you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You’ll just need to check with your insurance co. to find out if they will cover services.


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