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Design Your Identity (DYI)

My DYI program is designed with my favorite components, Food, Fitness, and Fashion.

Designed to bring LIFE, to YOUR life and to provide:

  • relief, clarity, and direction with FOOD choices

  • peace and motivation around all things FITNESS

  • pizzazz and flair to your personalized + unique FASHION style

What you will receive:

Finesse your Fashion

This module is fun if you want to feel fabulous in your own skin + want to present yourself authentically + unapologetically by revamping your wardrobe and style to be your very own.


YOU WILL: Get creative. Gain confidence. Add flair. Refine your identity.

Putting bandaids on bullet holes to cover up bad food habits?


This module is impactful, especially for gut health, as it's very specific on what to eat.


Misuse of food disrupts your gut function, often causing weight issues and food sensitivities. Masking those issues with pills, binge eating, and poor food planning, just packs on the symptoms and sends your mind mixed signals.

YOU WILL: Be eating nutritionally packed brain foods within my recipes that will improve your mood, skin, health, body chemistry, aesthetics, energy levels, and emotional + mental intuition and intelligence.

Come to the table, Eat with me!

Your mind getting in the way of being Fabulously Fit?

This module will set you up for success in the program, from the start.

My visualization techniques will guide you to MAKE SPACE for what you want in your life so you will start to OWN YOUR PRESENCE, with clarity + strength.

YOU WILL: challenge the use of exercise to reprogram your mind and challenge the use of your mind to reprogram your feelings around exercise. You’ll love the meditation, yoga, stretching, breathing routines + BONUS booty & ab workout.


Thanks for submitting!

I'll message you first, to snatch your spot as soon as I release my newest signature program, Design Your Identity (DYI)! 


work with me:
1:1 Just me and you

I'll provide you with my most personalized offer, specific to you.
No cookie cutter approach.

We'll jump straight into what you wish to accomplish. A combination of directives and discussions regarding your health history, medical necessities, nutrition and lifestyle assessment, workouts for your body type, custom meal plans, support, and coaching and accountability. I'll get to know you closely, your tendencies, your health frustrations (that others may not seem to have helped you understand or fix).

You Need to FEEL in Order to HEAL

Connecting your mind and body, effectively connects your conscious to your subconscious, in order to open up your body to heal naturally and completely.

It's your turn! To give your body what it needs, to heal. Naturally.

Book your 20 min Custom Clarity Consult with Heather to open up your mind, to determine exactly what you + your body have been missing 

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