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Your genetic Body Type Shape is best defined as, “PEAR”

You will Receive

  • Grocery shopping list of foods best suited for your genetic body type
  • Foods that compliment your digestive system for your body type 
  • Education regarding your unique body type
  • Foods to avoid to improve digestion for your body type
  • macronutrient % suggestions for your plate
    (ex: create your plate with 50% non-starchy veggies, 25% protein, etc) 
    + food lists per macronutrient breakdown (ex: protein suggestions for your body type (ex: lean ground beef) 
    + how the foods should be prepared (ex: raw state, steamed)

Body Type Shape "Apple" - Nutrition for Your Body Type

  • Sure it is!

    If you just want to eat healthier and seeking a simple starting point to know how to eat for your genetic body type, this is great for you.

    If you have purchased my signature program - DYI (Design Your Identity), you will have learned how to style your body type with fashion and you may also like more specifics on what to eat to compliment the way your unique digestive system processes, this is for you.

    Fun little gift for a friend too! Just add their email when you checkout and they will receive the document content.

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