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Hii! You made it, I'm so glad you're here!

In case we havent met, I’m Heather Hirschman.
I'm a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Integrative Nutrition Mental Health Practitioner, and a published author. 

I’m a free spirit on a mission, helping others achieve their health goals and to live a life their proud of. In overcoming Chronic Lyme Disease and healing my body naturally, I was convinced there was more to life than constantly being in pain, battling weight, fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, and mental health.

The proper nutrition must be at the foundation of true health + healing.  

Here's the thing- Diets Don't Work! On average, people who diet, gain the weight back, and then some. All that hard work down the drain ☹️

The 7-Day Pure Body Reset is:
My self-guided program that helps you avoid the foods that internally flaw your body causing inflammation and introduces you to foods that fuel your body.
It is designed without the common allergens: gluten, dairy, soy, corn, shellfish, peanut.
It focuses on nutritious, anti-inflammatory foods and guides you to eat in a way that makes your body feel great.

●      ENERGIZE naturally - without caffeine 
●      BLAST BELLY BLOAT - bye food baby
●      BURN FAT - lose inches
●      BOOST METABOLISM - reset your gut

●      20 DELICIOUS + nutritious recipes
●      Sample week with exactly what to eat + when
●      Best practices for sustainable weight loss
●      Full list of healthy treats that you can mix + match for the weekend
●      Heather's favorite list of superfoods + their benefits
●      Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen list- to help you know which produce to buy organic and which ones not to waste your money on

**BONUS** When you purchase NOW you'll receive my booty + ab workout with pictures + video tutorial!
There is no magic formula in reaching health goals.
Your body is not on amazon prime.
The answer is focusing on reducing inflammation, being consistent, and having and executing a plan. 

I am honored that you have chosen my program as your guide.
I will be thinking of you as you’ve decided to invest in yourself and your goals.

I aPEACH-i-ate you so much!

With love and gratitude,
Heather Hirschman


 You will get a PDF (19MB) file

Heathers 7 day Reset: Anti-inflammatory Meal Plans + Recipes (BONUS booty+ab wor

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