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  • Breathing Exercise 
  • Breakdown of How the Program Works - week by week
  • Toxicity Questionnaire to Complete 
  • Food List (anti-inflammatory/detox foods used in the meals plans and for you to save for future reference as a go to health list, after you complete the program)
  • Dirty Dozen & Clean15 Lists  (tells you which produce is best consumed in organic form based upon toxicity levels)
  • Eating Schedule

              - Week 1 Meal Plan (what you will eat in a day)

              - Week 2 Meal Plan (what you will eat in a day)

              - Week 3 Meal Plan (what you will eat in a day)

              - Week 4 Meal Plan (what you will eat in a day)

The Detox without Depleting Program

  • The buildup of toxins leads to illness.

    My Detox Without Depleting Program is designed to help you properly detox your gut in order to remove toxins that lead to illness.

    This detox will allow your body to open itself up to natural healing, allowing more oxygen to flow to each organ, by opening up each detoxification pathway.

    This method helps decrease inches around the tummy, reduce belly bloat, while gaining energy that helps you last throughout your long days, and will start to clear up your skin.

    This program carefully ensures you won't deplete your body of essential nutrients like other detoxes on the market.​

    My detox is the foundational approach to:
    1. Digesting foods properly
    2. Ensuring the transfer of nutritional value within the foods you eat
    3. Processing waste from the food you eat through the body
    4. Rebuilding & Replenishing the body


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